5 Must-have apps for dog lovers

5 Must-have apps for dog lovers

Blurb: These smartphone apps are a must-have for tech-savvy dog owners.

There’s no doubt that apps have the power to change your life. Whether you want to get more organised, track your fitness goals, or even chat to your friends and family on-the-go, there are loads of apps out there to make life just a little bit easier. And, of course, there are loads of apps that have been developed especially with dog owners in mind. Here are 5 must-have apps for dog lovers.

1. Pet First Aid American Red Cross

Any doggy parent wants to look after their pet to the best of their ability so why not get a little help from your smartphone? It's important to have a first line of defense for illness and injury and this app allows you to check symptoms and watch videos to help you identify what might be wrong with your pet and respond to common emergency situations more easily.
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2. Purina Pro Plan P5 Dog Training
Even if your dog doesn’t eat Purina pet food this app is still a handy tool for dog owners. The app has all sorts of useful information such as how to teach your dog tricks, how to train your dog and teach basic obedience, and how to keep your dog fit and healthy. You can even use the app to track your progress along the way!
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3. MapMyDogWalk
If you've use and love the MapMyRun app then you will already know that the MapMyDogWalk app is for you. Users on the app outline the best dog walking routes around you and the app allows you to navigate the same route with ease. You can choose one of the many routes in your area to enjoy with your pup or even add your own for other users to enjoy. Once activated, the app tracks your progress as you walk and even offers locations for popular dog parks in your area.

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4. ASPCA Mobile App

This free app makes life a breeze for new dog owners who are unsure of how to take care of their new pup. The app is designed to prepare pet parents for how to handle an emergency and offers tips on how to store your pooch’s vital health records, what to do before an upcoming storm, and even gives you the tools you need to create a “lost pet” digital poster in case your dog goes missing.

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5. BarkCam

Of course, there’s always room for a little fun as well. BarkCam is a must-have for dog owners who love a good selfie. If your phone is filled with doggy selfies and you want something to take your selfie game to the next level then this app is for you. Not only does BarkCam offer a range of sounds that will instantly get your pup’s attention for the perfect photo op but the app also allows you to customise your pictures with stickers, text, and filters before you share it on social media. Brilliant!
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