What’s in a Name? 10 Great Dog Names for Foodies

What’s in a Name? 10 Great Dog Names for Foodies

Blurb: Love food? These names will show your love for both your pup and your favourite foods.

There are loads of great dog names to choose from - there are your classic doggie names like Spot, Socks, and Cuddles - but if you’re an avid foodie you might want to give your pup a namesake that reflects your love of food. For inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 10 great dog names for foodies so you’ve got a great name ready to go when you welcome your new pup into your home.
1. Pesto

Let’s face it, pesto is pretty much a miracle ingredient. Whether it’s olive, tomato, or basil pesto, you can add it to almost anything to make your dish a taste sensation. So, why wouldn’t you name your pup after this delicious creation?

2. Alfredo

Nothing makes a bad day right like a creamy bowl of pasta Alfredo and, of course, nothing will lift your mood quite like snuggling with your dog. If you love Italian food then you can’t go wrong with this delicious name.

3. Pancake

We’ve all heard the name Cupcake as a great dog name but we can all agree that Pancake is just as sweet. This cute name is perfect for a lapdog that is too cute for words and is the ideal way to celebrate your sweet tooth.

4. Chai

Love tea? Why not name your pooch after your favourite tea blend? Just like a warm cup of chai can warm your heart and soothe your soul, your pup is sure to have the same effect on you!
5. Chorizo

This Italian sausage is a wonder ingredient of note and can turn a boring dish into a great dish in no time at all. Chorizo is also a great name for a dog and would be perfectly suited to a fun-loving pup with a spicy personality.
6. Feta

This versatile cheese goes great with salads, pizza, pasta, and any other dish that could do with a fresh, zingy flavour. If your furry friend is full of personality you can’t go wrong with this quirky name.
7. Fudge
This yummy name is perfect for a pooch that is as sweet as can be. Whether you have a brown fluff ball or a goofy labrador that is impossible to stay mad at, Fudge is the ideal name for your new pet.

8. Wasabi

Sushi lovers will adore this unusual name which shows just how much they love Japanese food. And, just like a potent wasabi can make your eyes water, you’re sure to get tears in your eyes when you bring your new fluff ball home for the first time.

9. Jalapeño

Jalapeño is the perfect doggie name for any foodie who loves to add a little spice to their food and their life. If your dog has a fiery personality then you can’t go wrong naming your pooch after this chilli pepper.

10. Mocha

Mocha is a popular dog name amongst coffee lovers and is a surefire way to make sure your dog gets noticed - especially if your pup likes to join you for your morning coffee runs!