Reflective Supersoft Webbing H Harness Watermelon Red (S, M, L, XL) Price: from R95

Fully adjustable, light and strong, these cute
H Harnesses of Dog's Life is what every dog owner need if you take your dogs out for walks!

Instructions: Once you have harness set-up, putting it on should be a breeze. Just slip your dog’s head through the neck piece, swing the chest piece up so that it’s touching your dog’s chest and belly. On the chest piece, you will find a buckle, swing it up and fasten them to the back of the harness. Done! Attach the leash to the rings over the clasp and you are ready to go!

The buckles are fitted with a lock for the extra bit of security when you are on the road. They are also equipped with reflective stitching for night visibility.

Supersoft is the perfect harness for every dog! It is strong, stylish and made from our proprietary soft touch webbing, that is both soft and tested to be incredibly strong. The compact, lightweight design is available in several vibrant colour choices.

So make a fashion statement with a flashy
Supersoft Dog's Life webbing harness!

Available colour: Watermelon Red (also come in Black, Aqua BlueTaupe Grey, Aqua Blue, Coral Pink)

Available in 4 flexible size and their Prices are:

S (1cm x 20 - 36cm) R95
M (1.5cm x 30 - 50cm) R145
L (2cm x 51 - 70cm) R190
XL (2.5cm x 70 - 90cm) R270

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