10 things all dog owners do but would never admit to!


We all know that dog parents have a deep emotional bond with their furry children but sadly the non-dog-obsessed don’t always understand this bond so we tend to keep our sometimes unusual doggy interactions under wraps. While some of our alone time with our dogs is super normal - belly rubs, long walks on the beach, and plenty of playtime - others could be misconstrued as a little, shall we say, odd. Here are 10 things all dog owners do but probably wouldn’t admit to!


Wrap Up Your Pooch in Warm Capes, Coats and Jerseys This Winter!


While your dog might not necessarily be looking forward to winter he can look forward to wrapping up in the comfiest capes, jerseys, and coats around. Of course, dressing your dog up in the cutest winter wear might be loads of fun for you, but for your dog they’re merely excited about the extra layers that will be keeping them warm and snug when the winter chill sets in. So, when you’re choosing your pup’s winter wardrobe make sure that you choose something that is really going to keep them warm and not only up their cute factor.


Top 5 Trends for Dogs in 2016


You know what they say; “New Year, new you” … and the same applies to your pet pooch! 2016 brings with it a bunch of new trends for you and your dog to enjoy and we’ve rounded up the top looks fashion forward pets will be coveting in 2016. From denim to bandanas, there’s something for every type of pup to enjoy.


Summer Lovin’ - Must-have Doggy Fashion for Summer 2015!


Summer is finally here and you’re not the only one who should be reconsidering their summer wardrobe. As the weather gets warmer, chances are your pup is keen for a change too. So, ditch those winter woolies and get ready to shop up a storm because we’ve got the best in summer doggy fashion trends for you.