Holiday Foods That Are Safe To Share With Your Pup


The festive season is just around the corner and that means loads and loads of celebratory meals. And, because we love our dogs to bits it’s only natural that you would want your dog to share in the festivities with a special treat from the table. But be warned, not everything on your Christmas table is safe for your dog.


Fit Food for Your Pet - the best dog foods for your pooch


As more and more people start focusing on healthy and organic eating we thought we would give you the tips and info you need to put your dog on a healthy path as well.


5 Healthy Things To Sneak Into Your Dog’s Food


Dogs the world over are being fed healthier diets as pet owners become more and more concerned about what’s going into their dogs’ bowls at meal times. Whether you’re feeding your pooch premium dog food or are cooking up homemade pet grub there are plenty of healthy things you can slip into pet food to boost your dog’s health.


5 Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love!


Finding the perfect treats for your dog can be a nightmare. You never know what’s in them and so you can’t be sure that what you’re giving your dog is great for his tummy or his health. So, we’ve gone on the hunt for some fabulous dog treat recipes that you can make at home - they’re healthy and delicious and your dog is bound to love them.


Choose the Right Dog Treats


We all love to treat our pups to a little treat every now and then. I mean, how else would we let them know that we love them more than anything? Plus, when they do something really clever or sit, stay and fetch exactly when we tell them to they should always be rewarded with something delicious.