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5 Winter Coats to Keep Your Pup Warm & Snug


Winter has finally arrived and while we humans are starting to feel the cold seep into our bones there’s no doubt that your furry friend is starting to feel the effects too! So, while you’re shopping for winter warmers for your own wardrobe don’t forget to pick up something for your favourite pooch as well. Smaller and naturally skinny dog breeds can be particularly susceptible to cold weather and it’s important to give your pets a little extra protection from the elements when the cold fronts hit.


5 Chew-toys your dog will love!

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Investing in a few good chew toys to distract and entertain your pup can save your shoes and your furniture!

If you’re tired of your dog chewing your most beloved shoes, or worse, your furniture, then it’s probably time to introduce some fun distractions in the form of chew toys.


Everything you need when getting a new puppy


Bringing home a new puppy is a thrilling experience, but if you don't have everything in place when your pup arrives, the experience can turn from a happy occasion to a stressful one.


Wrap Up Your Pooch in Warm Capes, Coats and Jerseys This Winter!


While your dog might not necessarily be looking forward to winter he can look forward to wrapping up in the comfiest capes, jerseys, and coats around. Of course, dressing your dog up in the cutest winter wear might be loads of fun for you, but for your dog they’re merely excited about the extra layers that will be keeping them warm and snug when the winter chill sets in. So, when you’re choosing your pup’s winter wardrobe make sure that you choose something that is really going to keep them warm and not only up their cute factor.


Top 5 Trends for Dogs in 2016


You know what they say; “New Year, new you” … and the same applies to your pet pooch! 2016 brings with it a bunch of new trends for you and your dog to enjoy and we’ve rounded up the top looks fashion forward pets will be coveting in 2016. From denim to bandanas, there’s something for every type of pup to enjoy.


Five Festive DIY Gifts For Your Dog


While making and wrapping gifts for all your two-legged friends and family this festive season, don’t forget about your four-legged pals as well! When thinking about a gift to fill up your pup’s Christmas stocking you don’t have to break the bank - something homemade will do just the trick and keep your pooch happy and having fun.


5 Gifts for Animal Lovers!


Shopping for a friend or family member who has everything can be incredibly hard but the trick is to hone in on their favourite hobbies or the things they love and then get them gifts based on that. Animal lovers are among the easiest to shop for when it comes to birthdays and other holidays - spoil their furry friend and they'll love you always!


Summer Lovin’ - Must-have Doggy Fashion for Summer 2015!


Summer is finally here and you’re not the only one who should be reconsidering their summer wardrobe. As the weather gets warmer, chances are your pup is keen for a change too. So, ditch those winter woolies and get ready to shop up a storm because we’ve got the best in summer doggy fashion trends for you.


Travelling in style - must-have dog carriers for pups on the move.

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If your pet pooch loves to travel everywhere with you then it’s probably time to invest in an ultra stylish dog carrier. The handy carriers for small to medium-sized dogs are just what you need to keep your pup safe and comfortable when they go on daily adventures with you. A good dog carrier should be sturdy, comfortable and offer safety features so your dog won’t be able to jump out and escape or injure themselves.


4 Super Comfy Dog Beds to Lust-After this Spring


If there's one thing you should splurge on this spring it's a super comfy bed for your pup. Every dog deserves a good night's rest and a soft, cuddly place to curl up and relax, so we put together a list of lust-after doggy beds to spoil your pooch with this spring. If your dog’s bed is looking a little worn out, then now is a great time to replace it. 


Help Your Pup Fight the Cold with the Hottest Winter Fashion for Dogs!

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The cold weather is on its way and it’s time you start thinking about how you’re going to keep your pup snug and warm this autumn and winter. Luckily we’ve got a fabulous range of cosy winter wear, inspired by the latest dog fashions that both you and your dog will absolutely love.


How to Choose the Perfect Harness and Collar for Your Dog

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We're so excited that summer is finally here because warmer weather means more walks and outside time with our pet pooches! Dogs love nothing more than spending a day out in the sun with their owners - it's a time to play and be free so they don't tear up the flower beds at home.


Hot Dog! Summer Doggie Fashion That's As Cool As Ice


Spring is on its way and with that comes loads of fun in the sun! But we humans aren't the only ones who are excited for shorts and sandals weather. There's no doubt that our pet pooches are also looking forward to shedding their winter layers and soaking up the warm summer rays so why not help them be on-trend this spring/summer with the latest doggie summer fashion?


Choosing The Perfect Bed For Your Pooch And Your Style


It's no secret that dogs love to sleep - in fact, dogs sleep up to 12 hours a day (lucky little buggers)! So, you can imagine that choosing the right bed is essential for


Winter Warmer Fashion For Your Pet Pooch!


Winter is on its way and while you're planning your winter wardrobe don't forget to make sure you plan your pooch's winter woolies too! Dogs feel the woes of the