Doggie Daycare and Kennels

The Best Doggy Daycare Spots in JHB and Cape Town


Leaving your pooch at home for long periods at a time while you’re at work during the day can have a negative effect on sensitive and highly active pooches. Arriving home to a stand-offish pet or a wrecked house or garden is never fun which is why more and more pet owners are choosing to send their pups to doggy daycare every day or a few times a week.


The Best Dog Kennels in Joburg and Cape Town


We're counting down the days until the summer holidays here in South Africa - sitting in an office while the sun is shinning outside just isn't right! The only problem with holidays is that most of the time you can't take your favourite furry friend with you. While we wish that every place on earth was dog-friendly unfortunately not everyone caters for having pets hanging