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How smart is your dog? Check out this list of 10 most and least intelligent dog breeds


So you think your pooch is a canine Einstein? You're not alone, thousands of dog owners believe their furry friends are blessed with a unique intelligence but the truth is your dog's intelligence is dependant on a number of factors including lifestyle, and of course, breed. In his book, The Intelligence of Dogs, Stanley Coren takes a look at the brightest and ditsiest breeds based on results from over 200 professional dog obedience judges.


5 Tips For Taking Great Photos Of Your Dog


Every dog owner will tell you that you can never have too many photos of your dog. But, they’ll also tell you that taking photos of a dog can be a little bit tricky at first. So, if you’re interested in moving on from blurry close ups of your dog seconds away from licking the camera towards beautiful frame-worthy shots of your beloved pooch, then these five tips will prove to be a lifesaver!


5 Surprising Must-Haves For Grooming Your Dog At Home


Taking your dog for regular grooming appointments can be a costly affair but that doesn’t mean you should avoid grooming altogether. These at-home grooming tips can help extend the time in between visits to the groomers and keep your dog’s coat in tip-top shape. These surprising grooming must-haves are every groomer’s secret weapon and will prove to be a lifesaver in a pinch.


Everything You Need to Know About Doing the Heimlich Maneuver on Your Dog


Here’s what to do in an emergency.

If your dog chews on everything he can find then he definitely runs the risk of choking at some point down the line. We know it can be hard to stop your pooch from chewing on things other than the toys you give them so it’s important to learn how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on a choking pet in case of an emergency.


Don't Shave Your Dog's Beautiful Coat - Here's How to Groom Your Dog for Summer Comfort


Summer is on the way and while it might be tempting to shave your dog to get him ready for the warm weather season the truth is not all dogs should get the annual summer shave. If you're the proud dog parent to a double-coated breed then put the sheers down and listen. Although their coats might look warm, the double coat actually allows dogs to regulate their temperature and keep them cool in summer. Instead of shaving your pup here are a few grooming tips and tricks to keep your dog cool and their coat shiny and healthy in summer.


5 Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hairs


There’s no doubt you love your furry friend but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to dislike having their fur everywhere. Depending on the breed of dog you have gracing you with their presence at home, dog hair can end up on your clothes, carpets, furniture, and the floor. Here are 5 simple tips on how to keep your home free from dog hair… most of the time.


Tips To Keep Your Home From Smelling Like A Kennel!


Sharing your home with your fur baby can be all kinds of amazing but we can’t deny that with all that love and wet-nosed attention also comes all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful smells. And, while you love your dog to bits, these smells can often pong up your entire home, especially if you live in a smaller home or flat! But fear not, we’ve put together some great tips and tricks to keep your home, and your pooch, smelling as fresh as a daisy!


10 Tips for having a dog when you live in a flat


So you want to adopt a dog but you live in an apartment or flat with no access to a yard? Not ideal! But, fear not, because having limited space doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have a dog. In fact, living in a flat with a dog can encourage you to get creative and spend more quality time with your pet pooch. Here are
10 tips for having a dog when you live in a flat.


How to puppy-proof your car


Everyone loves taking their dogs on a joy ride or two in the car and for some of us leaving home without our pet pooch is a definite no-no. But, if you've just adopted a new puppy then chances are you haven't yet realised the havoc one small dog can wreak on the interior of your car.


Five Festive DIY Gifts For Your Dog


While making and wrapping gifts for all your two-legged friends and family this festive season, don’t forget about your four-legged pals as well! When thinking about a gift to fill up your pup’s Christmas stocking you don’t have to break the bank - something homemade will do just the trick and keep your pooch happy and having fun.


5 Easy DIY Projects for Dog Lovers


If you love tackling DIY projects at home and have run out of things to make for yourself or your loved ones then why not try making something unique for your beloved pet? From homemade treats to pimped out travel crates there’s a project for every artsy pet lover out there to try. So roll up your sleeves, put on some tunes and get ready to tackle one of our 5 genius DIY projects for dog lovers.


5 Dog Care Products You Can Make at Home


Caring for your pooch can be an expensive affair - there are so many things you need in addition to a comfy bed, spiffy collar an d a cosy winter jersey to keep your dog happy and healthy.