5 Surprising Must-Haves For Grooming Your Dog At Home


5 Surprising Must-Haves For Grooming Your Dog At Home

Taking your dog for regular grooming appointments can be a costly affair but that doesn’t mean you should avoid grooming altogether. These at-home grooming tips can help extend the time in between visits to the groomers and keep your dog’s coat in tip-top shape. These surprising grooming must-haves are every groomer’s secret weapon and will prove to be a lifesaver in a pinch. Olive oil or coconut oil:

Has your dog ever come home from a walk covered in sticks, thorns, and all sorts of other things that are near impossible to get out of his coat without cutting? Next time your pup decides to come home with some unwelcome additions in his coat, try rubbing oil into the fur around the tough-to-budge items. The oil will reduce the friction and help the sticks and thorns slide out of your dog’s coat with ease.
Unscented baby wipes:

These nifty little wipes aren’t just for babies - they’re the perfect tool to have on hand in between baths. Washing your dog too frequently can dry out their skin so try a gentler approach every now and then and reach for the baby wipes. Use the wipes to wipe off dirt and grime from your dog’s face, inside their ears, and around the eyes to prevent infections and nasty odours. The wipes can also be used to wipe down muddy paws before your dog enters the house.

Cornstarch: If your dog has a mane that is near impossible to tame then corn starch could prove to be a lifesaver for you. Sprinkling cornstarch on your dog’s coat before brushing will make it easier to brush out small mats without hurting your dog.
An inexpensive back massager: Yes, there is a use for those handheld back massagers you see on the shelf at Clicks. These little massage tools can serve as a wonderful treat for your pup when gently run it along the back, feet, face, and more. If your dog hates grooming time then a massager will help distract your dog and get him used to be groomed - heck, he might even start looking forward to it!

Treats: If your dog isn’t a fan of being groomed then treats will also help even the playing field when it comes to getting him to stand still. Giving your dog a treat after a grooming session will help your dog understand that grooming is a good thing and should help make each grooming session a little bit easier over time.