Winter Warmer Fashion For Your Pet Pooch!

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Winter Warmer Fashion For Your Pet Pooch!

Winter is on its way and while you're planning your
winter wardrobe don't forget to make sure you plan your pooch's winter woolies too! Dogs feel the woes of the winter season just as much as their owners – especially smaller breeds. So, if your pup shivers when you take him or her outside then keep reading to find out how to keep your furry friend warm and stylish this winter.

Keep the cold at bay...
It's important to understand that putting a jersey or coat on your dog in the cool months isn't just about fashion. Keeping your dog warm through the winter months is important to maintaining top health. Make sure you get your dog ready for winter with plenty of blankets, a cosy bed and, of course, a fun and fabulous winter wardrobe.


Know your breeds...
Every breed has different needs in winter so it is important to do some research and understand your breed's susceptibility to the cold. Some smaller breeds are prone to getting the chills in winter whereas other dog breeds are built to withstand the cold a little better. It is important to know what your pooch can handle when choosing winter clothing items because you don't want to buy something too flimsy and have your dog freeze or too bulky and have your dog overheat!

Strike a pose...
Once you've done your homework it is time to decide what style of clothing and material would be best for your dog. From jerseys and dog jackets to snuggies, full costumes and dresses, there are a range of outfits that you can buy for your pooch this winter. It's all about finding out what your dog finds most comfy and what suits your style (and your dog's personality) the most. When you are shopping keep in mind that woolly jerseys are a much warmer option for dogs who are prone to the cold and a lighter jacket or sweater is a great option for dogs who only need a little bit of insulation. If you stay in an area with a high rainfall then consider a jacket with a rainproof layer over the top (just make sure it is breathable!)

Fit and fabulous...

Don't forget to measure your pup to make sure that the item(s) of clothing you have chosen actually fit! You want the piece to be snug without being too tight – to prevent your dog from pulling it off and to make sure that it doesn't catch on anything while your dog is on his or her many adventures in and around your home. Measure around the neck, the largest part of your dog's chest and the distance from the neck to the waist - the sweater’s length should end around the waist, leaving the tummy area snug and free from bellowing. Once you have the item make sure you check around the legs (in the 'armpit' area) and around the neck to be sure that your pup has enough freedom of movement and that the fabric doesn't cut into the skin. Lastly, check the item for any additional parts that could be swallowed or that might scratch your dog (think zippers, hooks, buttons or tags)

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A passion for fashion...

Lastly, it is time to consider what colours, patterns and styles you absolutely love. Sure, your furry friend might not know what the word fashion means but that doesn't mean that your dog shouldn't be the Belle of the ball! If you want your pooch to be the envy of all the dog's in the neighbourhood then take these winter warmer fashion tips into consideration.

  • What rhymes with orange: Citrus colours are the next big thing in doggie fashion this winter. Layer some fun and fabulous citrus colours with neutrals and black to bring your pooch up the fashion rankings,
  • Chic in checks: The runways are chock-full of checks and plaid for this winter so make sure your dog is on trend with a plaid coat or a check sweater.
  • A need for tweed: Tweed is all the rage this winter so keep your dog fabulously fashionable with a classic tweed coat this winter.
  • Fake it 'till you make it: Faux fur is in for humans this winter which means it's in style for your pooch too – what's more it's bound to keep your pet warm and toasty.
  • Tough as nails: Biker jackets are also huge this winter and there's no reason your dog can't embrace the trend too.

Now that you've got the low-down on how to shop for your dog this winter it's time to shop, shop, shop!


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