Oct 2014

The Best Dog Kennels in Joburg and Cape Town


We're counting down the days until the summer holidays here in South Africa - sitting in an office while the sun is shinning outside just isn't right! The only problem with holidays is that most of the time you can't take your favourite furry friend with you. While we wish that every place on earth was dog-friendly unfortunately not everyone caters for having pets hanging


Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Dog Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Dog


Halloween is a just a few days away and we’re sure you have already finalised your costume but have you thought about what your pet pooch is going to wear? If your dog loves dressing up then you’re in luck because we have put together a list of super easy Halloween costumes for your pup!


Incredible Dog Breeds You've Probably Never Heard Of!

Swedish Lapphund

Today we are putting your knowledge of dog breeds to the test with our list of incredible dog breeds you have probably never heard of. You can read our list and give yourself a point for every breed you already knew and while you're at it you will learn about all sorts of unique dog breeds. And, who knows you might find your new-favourite dog breed right here!