Jun 2014

Top 10 Trendiest Dogs Names

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One of the best parts about getting a puppy is picking a name for your new bundle of fur! But choosing the right name for your dog can be tricky - you want to choose something that you know you will love love forever but that also suits your dog's personality. So, to save you countless hours of research and to make your life a little easier we've gone in search of some of the trendiest dog names for 2014! Check out our list below.


Top 10 Weird Pet Gadgets! 

dog with laptop and glasses

It's no secret that there are loads of weird products out there but who would have guessed that some of those products are exclusively for our pet pooches? We've gone in search of some of the weirdest doggie products out  there so you can have a good giggle or shop up a storm - whatever you'd like, there's no judgement here.