Apr 2016

Wrap Up Your Pooch in Warm Capes, Coats and Jerseys This Winter!


While your dog might not necessarily be looking forward to winter he can look forward to wrapping up in the comfiest capes, jerseys, and coats around. Of course, dressing your dog up in the cutest winter wear might be loads of fun for you, but for your dog they’re merely excited about the extra layers that will be keeping them warm and snug when the winter chill sets in. So, when you’re choosing your pup’s winter wardrobe make sure that you choose something that is really going to keep them warm and not only up their cute factor.


5 things your dog is trying to tell you


We all like to believe that our dogs are emotional beings but often they are much simpler than their human companions. Let’s face it, our pet pooches are mostly motivated by basics like food, water, and stimulation or exercise. But, ask any dog owner and they will tell you that companionship is also a huge part in determining a dog’s happiness and no one is a more loved companion than their human parents.


10 Tips for having a dog when you live in a flat


So you want to adopt a dog but you live in an apartment or flat with no access to a yard? Not ideal! But, fear not, because having limited space doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have a dog. In fact, living in a flat with a dog can encourage you to get creative and spend more quality time with your pet pooch. Here are
10 tips for having a dog when you live in a flat.