Allied for Good: Animal Sterilisation services and successes with Animal Allies

Allied for Good: Animal Allies Sterilisation Services and Success with Animal Allies
Images courtesy of Animal Allies


As an animal lover you know that the more given back to animal charities, the more being done for four paws all over. Here at Dog’s Life we are committed to supplying not only quality clothes, beds and accessories for Fluffy or Waldo, but we too have a genuine commitment to giving back to the furry community that makes our brand.

Keeping wet noses and purries in mind we are running a
competition for the month of September 2018. Supporting three charities – Animal Allies, Wetnose and TEARS, Cape Town we are asking you to choose your most favourite activity to do with Fido in summer. The winning activity will result in some necessary goodies being given to the associated charity.

we focus on Animal Allies so you can get to know them a bit better. Started in January 2010, this animal charity has a firm focus on ensuring that as many fur friends get sterilised as possible.


While their focus was originally on feral cats, members of the poorer community began approaching them for assistance. Given the vast numbers of animals with no access to veterinary services, Animal Allies ran their first sterilisation campaign in September 2011. The result? Over 600 dogs and cats sterilised, dewormed and vaccinated!


2013 saw them embarking on a sterilisation campaign in Honeydew Squatter Camp, and in 2014 they extended their services to Eskom Squatter Camp. In May 2016 they were then called on by the people of Katlehong. Animal Allies listened and responded, managing to sterilise 72 dogs and 12 cats, which was the first of many campaigns. Please enjoy this great video from one of their sterilisation day campaigns in Katlehong:

At the beginning of 2018 they hit the road in a fully equipped mobile clinic ensuring that for quite literally thousands of dogs and cats are treated and prevented from having unwanted offspring and contracting certain diseases.

Their success to date? Well, try 13,143 dogs and cats sterilised and hundreds of thousands of animals saved.


Currently they are preparing for
World Rabies Day on Friday, 28 September 2018. They will be offering the less fortunate a full vaccination service for their pets.
We hope that you are as much in awe of this organisation as we are. If you want to help at the moment they need pet food which they supply to the people they help at no cost to the pet owners so DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!

If you just love the work that this organisation does, please make sure you
select activity 1 on our list for the competition and vote and share by midnight on 27 September 2018 if you want them to win!