Everything you need when getting a new puppy


Everything you need when getting a new puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is a thrilling experience, but if you don't have everything in place when your pup arrives, the experience can turn from a happy occasion to a stressful one. Make sure you check out our must-have puppy checklist for all the items you will need to be puppy ready. Some of items you may already have on hand but a few you will need to buy ahead of time so your new pet is as comfortable as can be in his new home.

A comfy dog bed Your pup will need somewhere to lay his head when he’s doing all that napping that puppies are so famous for. Make sure you put your pup’s bed somewhere quiet where he won’t be disturbed. We recommend a quiet spot in the house that doesn’t have too much foot traffic but that also isn’t too secluded that your pup will feel lonely there. Many vets recommend that new puppy owners also invest in a puppy crate to help keep your dog in one spot at night while you’re still house training. If you choose to get a crate and a dog bed we recommend you don’t place the dog bed inside the crate for the first few weeks as this could lead to your pup soiling the bed. Of course, crate training isn’t for everyone and you’ll only need it for a few weeks until such time that your dog is happy sleeping in his bed every night.

We love the Dog’s Life Dog's Life Waterproof Swirl Bed in turquoise. It comes in a range of sizes from small to extra-extra-large and is priced from R345. This versatile bed is waterproof and is ideal for a new puppy as cleaning up unfortunate ‘accidents’ is a breeze.

A potty or training pad

Speaking of cleaning up unfortunate accidents, it’s also a good idea to invest in a potty or training pad for your dog. These can prove to be a lifesaver when house training your puppy - especially ones who are not yet allowed outside or don’t have access to an outside area during the day. These helpful mats could also serves as a permanent solution for pet owners who live in an apartment or those who find outdoor house training impractical for their needs or their dog’s needs.

You can find these wee-wee pads at any good pet store nationwide.

A snuggly dog jersey

Most puppies don't need anything other than their fur to keep them warm but if your pup needs a little extra warmth in the cooler months then we’d recommend investing in nice jersey, jumper, or coat for your dog. A snuggly jumper can make a jittery pup feel a little more comfortable in new surroundings and can even offer some extra warmth if your new dog tends to spend a lot of time outside. Of course, make sure you introduce any jerseys or coats to your dog gradually as you don’t want to overwhelm your pooch. Try letting your dog wear his new clothes for short periods during the day or night and gradually extend the amount of time your dog is wearing his favourite jersey until he’s as happy as a clam in it all day long.

We love the Dog’s Life Sleeveless Feather Tee with bow detail in black. This light-weight tee is perfect for summer and comes in sizes extra-small to extra-extra-large, starting from R160.

Chew toys

There’s no doubt that your new puppy will chew anything in his path: your shoes, furniture, DVDs, whatever happens to be accesible really! If you like having your much-loved home decor sans doggy teeth marks then you might want to consider investing in plenty of chew toys for your dog. These toys will keep boredom at bay and are a great way to train your dog to play with his toys and his toys only. Always offer an acceptable toy when you catch your pup chewing something is definitely not a toy and give him plenty of praise when he plays with his toys. We recommend starting with a variety of different toy options as different dogs gravitate toward different things. It might take some trial and error to figure out what your dog likes best but that’s part of the fun!

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You can find chew toys at any good pet store nationwide.

A leash and collar

Even if your puppy isn’t ready to go outside, you still need to have a collar and leash at the ready for when your dog is ready to say hello to the big wide world. While your pup explores his new home, slowly introduce him to his leash and collar, and get him accustomed to wearing it before your first big trip outdoors. A collar will also help to hold your dog’s identification tag with his name and your contact details should he somehow get out without your knowledge.

Pedals Collar 6

Pedals Leash 3
We love the matching Designer Pooch Webbing Collar and Leash from Dog’s Life in navy & white petals. This collar comes in small, medium and large and starts at R30 while the leash comes in the same sizes and starts at R49.

Puppy food and food bowls
Of course, your puppy needs to eat so you will have to buy a few food and water bowls as well as some puppy appropriate food. Dogs need a bowl of fresh water nearby throughout the day and since your puppy is a growing dog you can feed him up to three times a day. Chat to your vet about a dog food that is most appropriate for your breed and your dog’s size and go from there. As for the bowls, invest in stainless steel bowls instead of plastic or class as steel collects less bacteria than other materials and is easy to clean.

You can find good dog food and water bowl at any good pet store nationwide.

Grooming supplies

Even though your pup is still very young,he will still need to be groomed and, of course, learn how to behave during the grooming process. Make sure you wash your dog’s coat regularly and, if you have a long-haired dog make sure to comb and brush out any knots and tangles. Puppies will also need their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, and teeth brushed but if you’re too skittish to do this yourself you can always find a good dog groomer in your area that is more experienced. Whether you choose to take your dog to a dog groomer or not you will still need some grooming supplies at home including a bristled dog brush, dog comb, ear cleaning solution, a clean non-slip grooming table or grooming area, nail clippers, scissors, dog shampoo & conditioner, a toothbrush and dog toothpaste, and a variety of towels.

You can find all of these grooming items at any good pet store nationwide.

Buy all these products before your puppy comes home with you and set them up in advance. If you leave it until your dog arrives you will get so excited about your puppy's arrival that you won’t have time to set anything up or look for the things you bought. Of course, there are a number of nice-to-have items for your new puppy as well so spend a little while browsing your local pet store for other items you think your new pup might like. Lastly, enjoy it! This is an exciting time for both you and your new pup so take the time to bond and get to know each other.