While pets are priceless, they also come at a price. It’s important to realise that getting a pet will cost more than simply feeding it every day.
Some outlays, like sterilisation, are once-off, others, like food recur daily, monthly (e.g. tick and flea protection), quarterly (deworming) or annually (medical check-ups).
Some domestic pets live relatively short lives, others soldier on for up to 20 years, during which time you’ll be responsible for the costs of their needs. Some breeds come with congenital conditions that will require medical care as they age, others may develop or contract serious diseases in the course of their adventures. Both situations can cost a lot in vets’ bills.
Some pets have calm characters, others are intrepid, and their adventures could result in unforeseen (and unexpectedly high) medical bills or land you with liability debt.
You’ll be looking at cash outlays every step of the way.