5 Chew-toys your dog will love!

T-Admzokbar1 dog photo

5 Chew-toys your dog will love!

Investing in a few good chew toys to distract and entertain your pup can save your shoes and your furniture!

If you’re tired of your dog chewing your most beloved shoes, or worse, your furniture, then it’s probably time to introduce some fun distractions in the form of chew toys. There are loads of excellent chew toys on the market - from treat-based toys to squeaky companions, you’re bound to find a toy to suit any dog.


Dogs vs Aliens Gloop Loop
This colourful loop chew toy will provide hours of delicious fun for your dog. Simply fill the tube with a few treats and watch as your dog chews his way to treat heaven! Available in blue and green, this tube also serves as a fun fetch or tug toy for you and your dog to play with - just make sure your dog’s teeth are strong enough to pull!
Price: R160


Dogs vs Aliens Admiral Zokbar

This goofy little Alien plush toy not only serves as a fun tug toy but is also a great cuddle buddy for your dog at nap time. Made from durable material, this chew toy will stand the test of time and give your dog hours of chewing fun.

Price: R155


Dogs vs Aliens Scouting Vessel

Another treat dispensing toy, this round treat-filled chew toy is great for inquisitive dogs who love problem-solving and exploring. Fill the toy with a few treats and your dog will spend hours trying to release the treats from their soft squishy housing. This toy also serves as a ball for fetch and comes in two colours, red and green.

Price: R100

T-Wormhole103 and T-Wormhole104

Dogs vs Aliens Wormhole

If your dog loves peanut butter then you have to invest in this fabulous tube like chew toy which can be filled with peanut butter on the inside. Your dog will love chewing and licking their way to peanut heaven and your shoes will live to see another day!
Price: R125


Dogs vs Aliens Private Glob

Another plush toy, Private Glob is waiting to be your dog’s new best friend. This soft, cuddly chew toy is a great companion for any dog and is made from durable material that is sure to last a few good chews. With loads of chewable parts, including two chew ropes for legs, Private Glob is a great choice for active dogs.

Price: R155

Find all these toys and more in the Dog’s Life range at a pet store near you!