Dog behaviour 101: Why does my dog love digging up my precious flower beds and lawn?


The best thing about being a pet parent is discovering your dog’s weird and wonderful personality bit by bit. And, any dog parent will tell you that having a dog in the house can be an interesting experience.


Everything you need when getting a new puppy


Bringing home a new puppy is a thrilling experience, but if you don't have everything in place when your pup arrives, the experience can turn from a happy occasion to a stressful one.


Tips To Keep Your Home From Smelling Like A Kennel!


Sharing your home with your fur baby can be all kinds of amazing but we can’t deny that with all that love and wet-nosed attention also comes all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful smells. And, while you love your dog to bits, these smells can often pong up your entire home, especially if you live in a smaller home or flat! But fear not, we’ve put together some great tips and tricks to keep your home, and your pooch, smelling as fresh as a daisy!


Weird Things Your Dog Eats: The good, the bad, and the healthy!


Being the a proud pet parent to a fuzzy pooch can be a joy but that doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and daisies. If you have a dog then you no doubt have witnessed your pup licking or eating something super weird, and you probably still don’t know why they do it! From their own poop to vomit, grass, and so much more, we take a look at the weird things your dog eats and whether or not they’re healthy or should be avoided.


Is your dog overweight?


We all love to spoil our dogs with treats and generous helpings of food but it’s easy to get carried away. Dogs put on excess weight very easily, especially if they spend most of their day lazing about at home in their doggy bed. So, how do you know if your dog is overweight? We’ve put together this handy guide on how to manage to your dog’s weight and help them shed a few extra kilos when necessary.